• Enables shopping
    the way you shop!

    Personalized concierge, cutting across brands and chains,
    enhancing quality of life through convenience
    and efficiencies in the grocery shopping experience

    Available on Android and iOS

GrocerEaze ?

GrocerEaze has a specific focus – helping ease the task of grocery shopping for individuals, families and groups, increasingly taking on, automating and proactively taking on responsibility, thus unburdening the user/s. To be brand agnostic, to be chain agnostic. To enable as they do and then do it some more easily.
Shekhar Kale is the founder of GrocerEaze.ai GrocerEaze is a result of Shekhar’s observation of a real world pain point. Shekhar has close to 25 yrs in product management and customer experience with a proven ability to oversee a project’s full life cycle from inception to fruition. He has led and worked with globally dispersed cross-functional teams for companies such as Siebel Systems, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce. He has a Master in Mechanical Engineering from CSULA and a MBA from the Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania.
The app is based on AI, which means that it learns, over time, to anticipate user needs based on usage and takes a proactive approach rather than a passive one. This effectively shifts the burden away from the user to the app, freeing up time for other value added activities. Could be something as straightforward as spending more time with family.
The focus is on usability and simplicity.
Traditional grocery lists are static in that once defined they reside either on paper or more recently on smart phones with limited sharing and collaboration. Very frequently, the list is forgotten, becomes an afterthought and consequently tasks remain incomplete.
GrocerEaze.ai has a specific focus – helping ease grocery shopping for individuals, families and groups, increasingly taking on and automating static lists. To enable as they do and then do it some more. An AI based approach enables a dynamic, proactive and an intelligent list that morphs into a personalized assistant with time and increased usage

Smarter Shopping


Learns over time based on usage


Proactive notifications and messaging approach negates the need for user to be list aware


Collaborative friendly purchases for and on behalf of friends, family, neighbors, etc.


Highly usable and mobile friendly


AI engine anticipates user needs based on historical purchasing patterns


Store favorite shopping locations and get proximity based alerts

Mobile App Features